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Moms coping with illness check in thread June 28

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Ok Mama's how are you ?
Sorry no thread last week it was a very very stout/bad week on many levels.
Today I managed to get showered, we went to eat and get a few staples and sno cones

I did a large chunk of the flylady house blessing by using the 15 mins and setting timer breaks along with having the kids do a few extra things
Then plopped here on the bed with dh's lt for the night. Other than dog food and son's guitar I am not planning on going anywhere this week and putting more of the home back into homeschool this week. I hope ...
I also started the flylady 'if you were going to move" bit and have reflung two drawers and two bookshelves. I am going to try and do 15 minutes on it each day. But If I only manage one or two days oh well that is still 30 more mins than I would have done

I have an appt set with a gastro in August and still meet the rheumy on August 9th
I haven't heard anything on the appeal/complaint with the ins over the meds but still have plenty samples the doc put together for me.
So how are all our other mamas doing and what appts etc do you have this week?
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