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Ok I know I have shared the spoon theory with most of you in the original thread.<br>
But some things have come up recently and I need to find a way to learn to deal with and continue to do things even when I am out of spoons. I managed it last week and yesterday but man that takes a lot. And I have to keep it going day after day.<br>
I need to figure out a way that dh doesn't have to use FMLA for a looong time. Not even when I have the next round of testing. of course it is hard to hire a driver because you never know when you will have a good day or bad day and that isn't fair to the person anyway sitting by the phone wondering if you need them or not every day.<br>
I have a friend that may be able to take me to the big test once it is scheduled but the days I just can't get up but have to go the dr /take the kids etc<br>
And some of the testing wee bit is having that originally he was going to be there part of time he can't and that will be oh so fun.<br><br>
But I have pushed it all my life because of the way my parents raised me. Just when I was ***sometimes** stopping when I couldn't go anymore I have to get over that and find ways to keep going when I am past the limit I didn't have that I pushed already ( did that make sense??)<br><br>
Any ideas ?
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