England's National Health Service recently stirred up a bit of hot water when it told new mothers that "Breastfeeding is a great way to get your body back"--and has since removed the controversial wording from their week-by-week guide to pregnancy on their Start 4 Life website.

The NHS's Start 4 Life website drew quite a bit of criticism for being toxic to new moms as it included in its list of 'things you might not expect when your baby is born' that mom may still look pregnant for a while. Though that's not really what riled mamas up--it was the combatting advice that followed that had the Interwebs in a stir:
"Breastfeeding is a great way to get your body back, as it burns around 300 calories a day, and helps your womb to shrink more quickly. Also try to eat healthily and take gentle exercise'.
Twitterati rightly took issue, calling the advice toxic as breastfeeding should not be considered a 'weight loss tool'.

Many told mothers that women's bodies didn't 'go anywhere' and there was no need to 'get it back', encouraging women to evolve and grow as a body is supposed to until death.

Particularly frustrating for women who nursed their children and don't have their 'pre-baby bodies' back, many found incentivizing nursing as a way to lose weight insulting and totally against the main purpose of nursing--to nourish the baby.

Many also criticized the NHS for 'rubbing salt to the wound' as some of those who couldn't breastfeed already felt like failures and this was icing on the cake.

Start4Life is part of Healthier Families (and was formerly known as Change4Life). It's a nationwide campaign to help adults and families to eat well and move more.

Additionally, it provides resources for early childhood caregivers and providers on healthy eating and activity for toddlers and pre-school children.

The Twitter outrage motivated the NHS to change the guide.

Go figure.

Image: PH888/Shutterstock