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Monday Fluff Mail

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I hope there isn't a thread already started...didn't see one....

I had a great fluffy day! Finally, after waiting a long time for one, LOL! I received a FCB AIO, my mudpie babies order (2 fitteds) and FINALLY, the long awaited Elbee order! I almost forgot that I had ordered these, it took so long!

Here's the photos! I was so excited today, that I just had to show you all! hehe

Hope everyone else is having a good mail day!
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Oh those are nice.... I got 2 m HH and 8 HH stuffers in the mail today.......
6 adorable girly wipes from Hidden Pearl and all 4 of the soakers I got from their wool closeout
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It was a great fluffy mail day here
! My order for the bulk of my stash arrived today, as did the covers and inserts I got from the TP! Now I'm off to the wash and put away the 'sposies!
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Cenae, those wipes look awesome!

Originally Posted by Oceanone
Cenae, those wipes look awesome!
They are! I spent a whopping $2.20 (shipping included) to get two to try out.
Oops, I got so carried away by Cenae's wipes that I forgot to say that I just got two Calico Baby ultimate aio's and they too look awesome. Can't wait till one of my babe's needs a change now, so I can try them on.
ugh I think the maillady is avoiding me :LOL

I've given up on my outstanding fluffymail, it's been almost a month so I'm going to assume it's gone
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KensJen, I love that whale mudpie! So stinkin' cute!

We didn't get any fluff today, but ds got his Granola Threads T-shirts.
They are so cute! One says, "Breastmilk, It Does A Body Good", and the other says, "Happiness Is...Being Attached". I
them. Perfect to go with just a soaker for the summer. I can't wait for him to wear them to family functions to shock all of mine and dh's stiff relatives! :LOL
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Oh happy day....

My mailbox was stuffed with fluff plus some soap products from a friend.

I received my Crystal's Cloths 4th of July cover & Flames cover plus Max's Mami's 4th of July fitted & cover (from my 1st attempt at being a stalker hehe).

I also received my FMBG AIO - the butterflies and medallions one...egads, that is a gorgeous print.

Last but not least I received an an embroidered (butterfly) AIO from Darling Diapers.

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I got 2 FMBG Covers, a Peekabear kids dipe, and a ManyDucks Diaper (with a tri-fold liner...yeahhhh I love tri-fold liners), all gently used but hey fluff mail is fluff mail!
I got my first piece of pie! An oatmeal cashmere kiwi pie. I am in love! I also got the 4 soakers from the hidden pearl closeout and a star fitted from hidden pearl. I've already started dying the soakers. LOL Here is the first one I've ever done-

I want to do one like it for Corby, so they have matching ones and as for the other 2..who knows?

Wow, Jen, I am totally
over the ElBees! I know I'll never have one, but oh, for a set like that!!

Anyway, I'll play today. I got lots. I was gone this weekend, so as I pulled in the drive this morning, I got fluff from the weekend:
wool soaker from the TP
sugarbums wool wrap from the TP
FCB seasonal changes wool from the ebay auction for sam & levi
2 darling diaper fitteds

then, later in the afternoon, today's mail came, and I got:
1 Celestial baby fitted
angelwraps AIO (4th of july print
) from the TP
some new prefolds, including 1 hemparoo to try
and our diaper fairy dresses for my older daughter

It's raining fluff here today!
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I got a replacement soaker for my Simply Cloth AIOs, and a gorgeous FMBG AIO from the TP.

I love fluffy days!
I have two Muttaqins being held hostage at the post office. Darn postman didn't bother to drive down the driveway to see if we would sign for them on Friday, just stuck a ransom note in the box that I'd have to go get them. Grrr... what, was I supposed to be hanging out at my box at the top of the hill all day? I know, I know, a true hyena would! Sorry, little rant.

Once dd wakes up, we are going for a ride!
I got a new happy heiny off the tp with a redsox print
a red tye-dye t-shirt w/ solid red cpf from tiny heiny
i also did a trade and got a small hh.
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