Hope you had a nice Labor Day. Today's parenting links:

Mom 101 has to work while her stay-at-home husband and two kids go on vacation: "I think of all the working dads who stay behind while their wives tote the kids to the grandparents for a week. That's just what you do when you're the family's primary earner and it's the right thing to do. The only thing is, I'm not a dad. I'm a mom."

When Grandpa Steals the Baby. "I looked over at Spot's stroller, strangely empty, and then considered myself: unshaven, damp, increasingly middle-aged, and alone in a baby park with no kid. Not a good feeling. Last time I checked, Grandpa and Spot were doing laps around the jungle gym. Ten minutes later, they've taken off. Thus began the angry smoldering..."

United States Trails High-Income Countries in Parental Leave Policies. "The United States finishes 20th out of 21 when it comes to the total length of leave guaranteed to a two-parent couple -- 24 weeks. Only Switzerland provides less -- 14 weeks -- but 11 of those weeks are paid. The United States finishes last among the 21 countries when it comes to the generosity of paid leave."

The Palin Factor. "When Clinton was the frontrunner, Republican leaders openly used misogyny as a weapon against her. But now that Obama has won out, they are deliberately exploiting gender as a wedge among Democratic constituencies."

Why This Latina Catholic is a Pro-Choice Democrat. "I will never forget my first trip to a Planned Parenthood, which is where I picked up my first birth control pills. Despite the largely male "pro-life" protesters yelling in my face and having to receive free healthcare enclosed in bullet proof glass windows and heavy security, it was such a relief to receive birth control free of judgement. No one at Planned Parenthood batted an eye at my being there. No one called me a puta -- "slut" -- or questioned my marital status. This is freedom, folks."

Justin Roberts rocks. "Willy was a whale and he walked on the water and he tried to be wough and he tried to be tough..."