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monsterbaby pocket wool diapers???

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Has anybody tried these?? How do they work? Is the wool right up on the baby's skin?? Would that be comfortable??? It seems a little uncomfortable to me. Anyone have any experience with these?
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Are they up for sale yet? I could not find them on her site.
I think they sound great, guess I'd better start saving up!
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I don't see wool pocket diapers. Where are you looking?
read closely on the wool covers page. It describes the Loch ness cover and that it has a slit that you can put an insert in. She doesn't call it a pocket diaper, but that is basically what it is.
Oh there it is! Oh boy, I hope my ebay auctions get bid wayyyyy up tonite so I can afford these! On sale too!
OK, I see it. I have obviously never used them but would be very wary of a wool pocket diaper. For one thing, wool is naturally moisture resistant -- it forces a diaper to absorb more. I would be afraid of wicking with wool right next to my baby's skin. I would also be afraid of laundering. Because you have to be gentle with wool, if it got poopy, it would be hard to get the stains out. You would also be handwashing this diaper all of the time. I also think wool right next to the skin isn't a great idea.

Sorry to be such a downer!
If you didn't like it as a pocket, you could still use it as a cover, right?
yOU ACTUALLY CAN MACHINE WASH LOTS OF COVERS. i USE WOOL EXCLUSIVELY, AND i WASH ALL of my covers on gentle in the machine, except my aristocrat. They get much cleaner this way, and it's easier since I have a bunch. Going to check these out...
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