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My children currently attend a charter Montessori Elementary school that goes thru grade 8. I have 2 sons, one in 3rd grade and the other in 5th grade. But I am already getting freaked out about what to do when it comes time for High School.

I know that Motesorri HS exist, but we don't have one in our area, and I know very little about them.

My dream is for our current school to include HS, but I really think that's a stretch and don't really see it happening.

I'm curious to know more about Montessori HS. I know that 'technically', Maria Montessori died before she could really develope a Montessori HS program, so how are Montessori HS run? Are there any books on this subject? Has anybody attended a Montessori HS.

Any info would be appreciated. Thanks alot!!
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