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Hello, I am a mom of a 3y old boy that is currently in the Montessori kindergarten where the methodology is applied as Maria Montessori define it.
Unfortunately, the time spent in car and traffic each day (around 2h) made us start to search for another alternative more close to home. 3 months ago was opened a Waldorf kindergarten 5 min away from home. We visited the place and plan to make a new visit with our boy so the educator can observe him and also my boy see the place and see his reaction.
My boy started Montessori toddler class around 1 y and 6 months until today. We are very happy with his acquisitions and the education he receives every day. We wouldn't change at all but the traffic and also the program shorter comparing with other institutions (8.30 am to 16.00 pm) creates each day some frustration and stress for all of us.
Regarding the Waldorf, we started to read some articles and have an overview around the methodology.. to be onest I wouldn't change montessori with any other traditional /alternative institution... But I am forced to do this.

I was wondering if there are moms that were in a similar situation and moved the child from Montessori to Waldorf... Is this a happy end transition? Will the child integrate? I am afraid that he will get bored because the materials are limited and are not rotated. I'am wondering if a child will play every day for 3 years with the same materials...
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