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month long cough, I've had enough!!!

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Please help me figure out how to get rid of this cough!
I had a bad cold about a month ago - sinus pain, earaches, etc. It's gone, and now I have been coughing for about a month. It gets worse in the evening, and a little clear phlegm will come up. It is driving me insane.
I have no other symptons of illness except this.

I don't know if it's related to the sickness, or if it's allergies/post nasal drip making me cough?

Anyone have any insight/suggestions, etc?

My bf's nephew (12yo) was recently tested for pertussis (don't know the results yet) but it couldn't be that right? It doesn't make a whooping sound...
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Hi I have no real insight, just comisseration. I had a cough that lasted ~ 6 weeks and ended with me having a cracked rib/torn cartilage. It sucked. My friend told be to get tested for pertussis- she said that only 50% of pertussis cases actually have a whoop. The whoop is just a big inhale of breath at the end of a cough. I certainly did THAT, but I wouldn't have classified it as a whoop per se.

Hope you feel better!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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