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Monty Python and Birth

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I saw Monty Python's The Meaning of life for the first time several months ago when I was pregnant. If you haven't seen it, go rent it, just for the beginning scene!

I found a copy of the script, but it really is better on the screen:

Part 1 - The Miracle of Birth

you have to scroll down a little bit past the fish and the song. Enjoy!
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I saw the Meaning of Life in Jr. High and didn't really "get" that part. Then I saw it again recently and realized how off-the-wall satirical it is.

The guys of MP obviously had some strong feelings about the ridiculousness of modern, medicalized birth.
Wasn't one of Monty Python an obgyn, or a dr of some sort? I seem to remember reading that it was his experience delivering babies that is behind this. I watched it when pg with dk#1, it was hilarious!
Unfortunately I don't think it qualifies as satire. It's not off-the-wall enough.
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Ah yes the machine that goes *bing*. It's our most expensive machine!

Love it.

DH is a *huge* Monty Python fan. First time I ever brought up homebirth/non-mainstream birth option with him, his immediate response was "but what're you gonna do without the machine that goes Ping!?"

I love my DH. And Monty Python.
I saw MP's Meaning of Life again last week. That scene is so funny. I wonder if most people catch how sattirical that is.
I'm a doula, & I think of that at just about every birth I attend. I even often say it, but most parents just haven't seen it! The part when the Mom asked
"What do I do?" or something & the Dr replies "You're not qualified." is also too funny! Mainly, because you wonder if some dr's really think this.

I remember talking with my midwife about how crazy that scene is- and how realistic it is at the same time! so sad...
One of the chapters in Goer's The Thinking Woman's Guide is called "The Machine That Goes 'Ping!'"

I love it.
'Twas the very first Monty Python DVD that i owned. Both my fiance' and I are fans. (He grew up with it)

I remember seeing it the first time and thinking that was kinda how my first birth went--the room seemed so overcrowded with machines, and I was there bodily, but it felt like i could have just as well been someone nonmedical waiting outside.
My CNM was talking about this with me at one of my visits. I knew for sure I was in the right place.
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"Can I put the tube in the baby's head?"
"Only if I can do the epesiotomy."
I'm dredging this thread up from the underbelly of Mothering just to say that I watched the L&D scene for the first time the other week on youtube and all I could think was "Right On! Finally someone is telling it like it is."

But then when I shared it with some mainstream friends the general reaction was, "I didn't experience anything of the sort." or "I don't get it."

I don't understand how a person could miss the satire or the basic commentary on medicalized birth management.

i can honestly thank Monty Python for my initial, original interest in Homebirth!

thanks for reminding us how valuable MP is!

(although ~~ nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!!
: )
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We are big Monty Python fans and my DD loves to watch the old episodes with me. My favorite part of that scene is when the Mom says "what do I do?" and John Cleese says "nothing dear, your not qualified"! That really sums up the medical field and their over all mis-trust of birthing women's bodies!
I've only seen "Quest for the Holy Grail" by MP

I knew this would be funny - thanks for sharing!
My best friend and I are huge MP fans ( we pretty much have the "meaning of life' , 'holy Grail" and 'Life of brian" memorized!!) and we use the line: 'nothing, you're not Qualified" ALL the time!!
one of my other favorite parts is at the beginning of "sperm" skit when the mother is in the kitchen surrounded by all the kids and washing dishes- all of a sudden her pants fall down and next thing you know there's a baby on the floor! and the mother glances over her shoulder and say "Could you get that Deidre?" to one of the older daughters, and just keeps washing the dishes. it takes place in about 2 seconds and alot of people miss it entirely!!! Now THAT is natural childbirth!!!

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I saw this for the first time when I was about 2 months pg...and while I laughed through it, I thought, "no way, no hospital for me!"

I'll have to remember to ask my hbmw if she has a machine that goes ping! and see what she says...
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