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Mood swings. Wheee.

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Holy cow, I am hitting the "mood swing" stage of pregnancy. It's alarming even to me, and I'm used to mood swings normally -- I get very PMSy and am just an emotional person in general. This morning I completely lost my temper with DS when he preferred throwing his breakfast on the floor to actually eating it. Then DP came downstairs and gave me a hug and I snapped at him, and promptly burst into tears afterwards. Couldn't stop crying. It feels very hormonal -- I remember this feeling from the last pregnancy (which in turn reminded me of when I went through puberty and would cry my eyes out at any old sappy commercial on TV or sad story I heard) but knowing that doesn't help too much.

Anyone else? Any words of advice? I am not even really looking for advice, so much, b/c I don't think there's too much to do about it other than to be good to myself and take it easy and know that it will pass. Maybe I just wanted to vent a little. Thanks for, er, listening.

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I was very hormonal and emotional right around the time I would've expected my period and I just felt out of control. I remember when pregnant with Slater I was just a wreck. It was not uncommon for me to have to wake up my dh before I left for work at 6:40 just to have a cry. It was terrible.

*hugs* to you, but only if it won't make you cry
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My mood swings are SO BAD right now. I'm exausted too on top of it so that doesn't make it any better.

I want to smack around Hankie sometimes. But he doesn't deserve that. It's not his fault. He's really a good kid but just a kid...
I'm trying to keep a sense of humor about being so emotional. We watched the Kentucky Derby on t.v. and every commercial made me cry. The race made me sob. Part of me was laughing at the same time.
Just acknowledging that hormones are increasing the tears or frustration helps me keep perspective, and find the humor wherever you can.
We went to our local pet parade over the weekend, and felt an overwhelming feeling for the marching bands and drill teams, and had to hold back the tears...I have no idea why. I have been extra snappy at dh lately too...Normally I can tolerate the things that bug me, but not lately.
I recently cried at a parade too. Those kids in marching bands!!! and at the football team...too funny.

Count me in, though my moods tend to swing towards the bad mood side!
Arent the mood swings such fun?! Heh. I had to laugh at your story, Nick, but only because you were painting a picture of some of my days. Gotta love that PMS irritability followed by out-of-control weepyness. Relic just hugs me and tells me that whatever it is, it'll be okay. Which is hilarious because before I was pregnant, when it was just PMS, he'd get all impatient and annoyed. Hah!

Originally Posted by beachcomber
Relic just hugs me and tells me that whatever it is, it'll be okay. Which is hilarious because before I was pregnant, when it was just PMS, he'd get all impatient and annoyed. Hah!
Heh heh. I think my DP was *afraid* to hug me yesterday. He did keep telling me -- from a safe distance, I might add -- how good I looked. Like, five or six times over the course of the day.
I finally figured out that he was trying to cheer me up from afar! Not that I don't think he meant it, also, but ykwim. It was kinda cute.

Hope everyone reaches a comfortable equilibrium soon!

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I'm with you all. Today all I want to do is eat cherry strudel and scream at everyone that they are all stupid. And then sit in the corner with my strudel and sulk.

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Mmmmm ....... cherry strudel!!!
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