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Mood Swings?

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I am having SEVERE mood swings... like when my son has a temper tantrum I honestly feel like I'm going to lose it... my husband is driving me nuts... I'm yelling at my cats even. Is there anything that can help?

Anyone else going through this?
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I have depression to begin with so I am currently taking a half-dose of my antidepressant, my prenantal (rainbow light), a B complex, fish oil capsules, and a vitamin c. Once I started those, my mood swings quieted down considerably. I'm starting to cut out the antidepressant and I'm not seeing a change, so I'm thinking the extra B vitamins (especially B6) and the fish oil are really doing the trick for me.
I will have to try the extra b-6 myself! I am totally with you, especially with losing it when my son has tantrums. I'm sure my chronic mood swings aren't helping his either, but it is driving me nuts. I don't feel like myself. I am hoping this is a first trimester adjustment thing that will pass.
i have heard that the fish cod liver oil should really help...i usually take cod liver oil...but haven't been able to keep it down. i bought a b-6 the other day, but only took it for two days. i guess i should keep taking it.
I think I am finally getting out of the meanie phase. Now I am in the crying at silly things phase.
My husband gets a kick out of this b/c I NEVER cry at anything. So seeing me get all teary is pretty entertaining to him. At least it's entertaining to someone! I definately don't feel like myself with these heavy emotions I'm not used to having.
Mood swings over here too. I'm trying to hide my pregnancy at work but I don't know how long that will last if I keep overreacting. I don't mean to but by the time I realize I am, it is too late. Ugh. I've been blowing up so much over little things at home that I decided to just keep my mouth shut, but then my dh thought I was ignoring him
: Can't win for losing.
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Here here with the mood swings too, though vitamins seem to help. And sleep.
Mostly exercise makes a huge mood difference. I'm getting it unevenly but when there's any sort of consistency it makes a huge difference. I feel like a different person: kind, going with the flow, and like my old self.

I had a lot of this moodiness postpartum too.....even fluctuating up until I got PG again with bb#2, and dd#1 is 2 yrs old. Sigh. It's not easy when you feel like you don't have a hold of your emotions and they're taking YOU by the horns.
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Lurking/crossing over from February. I'm due on the 10th but gave birth on January 27 to a previous due on February 10 baby.

Does anyone else find men particularly annoying? I don't feel like I'm having mood swings, but I'm being perfectly horrible to my best male friend. I think I'm justified when I tell him off, but then he gets really hurt and I feel like the biggest meanie on the face of the planet.

I think I'll give B6 a try and see if that helps.
Tonight I seem particularly irritable and smarmy.

Soon I will have an epsom salt bath and a snack and go to bed early. I just feel lonely. Gotta love 'em swings!
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