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More about my 2 yr old than my 9 yr old (my usual topic subject)

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Since Max has Asperger's, I find myself VERY aware of Thomas' development. I go from being very cautious to realizing that he is, so far, typically developing, if not slightly behind on speech. That could be explained by big brother Max & big sister Rachel (Nat & Tettle according to Thomas) speaking for him.

Today he spoke his first sentence!! It was 3 words. He was running back and forth, not letting me change his diaper. Max caught him and helped me lay him down and Thomas was laughing away and squirming all over. Then he looked over at my 12 mo old niece and said to her, "Kylie! Help me!" (Tayee, hep me!)

Oh, I love it.

Max didn't do that. So different to have a kid that does!
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Lol - DH and I both find ourselves staring at our 2-year-old with awe and amazement when he comes up with his long sentences - and at 2 1/2 he's been using them for a few months now - with a totally non-verbal 8-year-old and a 5-year-old who didn't talk until 3 or use sentences until he was 4 it seems it might take us a while to get over the shock of a very verbal 2-year-old ... but we love it, too!
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