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More absorbant than a Joey Bunz?

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Hi mamas,

My ds is a night super soaker. He's leaking through a Fuzzi Bunz stuffed with an infant CPF, 2 Joeys, and a piece of Super Shammy!! We've been waking him for diaper changes now, which is a royal pain but better than waking up with a wet baby and bed.

I tried stuffing with a premium CPF and the rest, or with a CPF and 3 Joeys, but that makes the diaper nearly too bulky to snap (and just doesn't look comfortable either).

Is there anything more absorbant than a hemp Joey Bunz to stuff my FBs with? The only other thing that works for us at night is a premium CPF with a doubler and a fleece liner in a Sugarpeas Wool cover, but I've got 3 more FBs on their way to me so I'd really like to find something that will work with them!


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Get a Nighty Newts soaker from - I can't say enough about these! DS is a HUGE wetter, and these are the only thing that we've found works - and believe me, we've tried EVERYTHING!
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Mia beat me to it - another
to nighty newts. If you don't see anything in your size, just email Stacie and she'll probably be able to whip you up something.
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I think a size up from what your kiddo would normally wear in a Babykicks Hemp prefold folded crossways instead of lengthwise would work well
Have you tried MOE microterry inserts? I have a couple you could borrow- you might want to double stuff. They are really absorbant.
Thanks for the replies! I think I'll order a couple of the Nighty Newts and see how they work out.

Lauren - I think I have one MOE microterry insert. I had assumed that it wouldn't be as absorbant, but I'll give it a try!
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