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Originally Posted by calebsmama03
OK, I got my Divacup and tried it last night. I think I will like it once I'm used to it, but holy-moley was it hard to remove!! It seems the suction factor makes it really difficult to remove and it feels like it's pulling my insides out! How do you break the suction to remove it? I also seem to be having a tough time getting it high enough - the tail sticks out quite far and pokes me! I know the solution is to cut off the tail, but I'm afraid I won't be able to get it out at all then! Any suggestions?
First, cut off the tail. Then smile, it will feel totally different. The tail doesn't really help you take the diva cup out anyway (at least for me).

For removal... Do you do kegels? When you want to take it out, do your kegels (like pushing out poo or baby, whatever). That will usually get the cup down enough for me to grab the bottom and get that sucker out. And I was suprised with how much suction it has, but after only 2 af, I
it. The first af I wasn't sure about this whole thing, now it's already second nature (and no more emergency trips to the store!).

eta: Yes, I feel when the cup inflates after I put it in, and hear it when I'm pulling it out. Kinda strange/bizarre at first, but I'm starting to get used to it. What really trips me out is when it doesn't fully inflate until I'm running down the hall after ds - it's stopped me in my tracks more than once.
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