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More interested in everything else but nursing!

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My DS is almost 6 months old and we've had our ups and downs with BF'ing but we've been doing it for 6 months and I'm so glad we at least made it this long!
But for the past 2 weeks or so he's more interested in everything else and not in feeding. I latch him and and he unlatches and laughs at his sister, latches on eats for a minute, unlatches and babbles to me, latches on and sucks for a minute, unlatches and squeals at his sister. Ugh! It's driving me crazy. I can' always find a quiet room for us to nurse in so I have to do it when his sisters are playing. I can't imagine that he's eating that much at all, should I be worried. He seems perfectly happy and I started him on rice cereal this week so I know he's getting something.

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It's totally normal for his age! As long as he's wetting diapers and having bowel movements, I wouldn't be worried--you know something's going in if it's coming out!
It can be frustrating, though, but the world is just so interesting, you know? And so hard to see when your attached to mom!
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My son is almost 5 months old and he's starting to do the same thing. The world is so darn interesting!

He made me nervous because we were in Arizona last weekend visiting friends (and their two-year-old daughter) and he didn't want to nurse more than a minute or two during the day when we were doing stuff. I didn't want him to get dehydrated out there in the desert!

At night, though, he had these marathon nursing sessions and woke up more frequently to nurse -- does your son do this? Joey maintained a reasonable number of wet diapers while we were out there so I figured we were still ok... and he got back onto a slightly better routine once we were home.

It's one of those brain development things, right?
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My dd does the exact same thing. It drives me NUTS... but half the time I end up laughing at her and saying "you are not nursing...." and then she'll give me the goofiest grin, and then of course, nurse... babble... nurse.. giggle... so talking her doesn't help at all.

When she's really hungry, she will actually pay attention and nurse.... but the rest of the time, she's quite happy with just a snack.
Luckily in the morning and the evening he gets down and dirty about nursing. :LOL Eating alot at night before bed (he sleeps through the night) and then alot when he wakes up in the AM. But during the day it's a big ole snack session. He'll nurse for a total of about 10 mins ever 2 hours during the day, sometimes more.
Oh and he just got his 2 bottom teeth so I'm just waiting for the first bite!!
My son (4 months) does this all the time. He will look at me and start laughing when I am trying to nurse him, he loves to look around and for some reason he just loves to put his nose on my breast and move his head and giggle... SO cute! I just laugh when he does this, although I get frustrated sometimes because I want him to nurse a lot.
but I figure if he doesn't want to, then he's not hungry and he just wants to comfort-nurse so I just let him...
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