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From the Daily "Fail"

‘Research also shows that a home birth is generally safer than hospital for pregnant women at low risk of complications who have given birth before.’
The article also says -

For those having their second child, a home delivery is just as safe as in hospital and usually a far more joyful experience.
Yet figures show that just 2.3 per cent of women currently have home deliveries and a further 4 per cent in midwife units, while the remainder head to hospital.
Can someone tell me what is so dangerous about the first time mother ?

The research did, however, show that home births are marginally more dangerous for the baby for first-time mothers – although the risks are very small.
Is this the real reason that more women should stay home - cost ?

Avoiding hospital also saves the NHS money. Figures show that a hospital birth costs £1,631, while it costs £1,450 for a midwife centre and £1,066 for a home birth.
I have read that some in the London govt want to get rid of the NHS.
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