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MORE PROBLEMS--PLEASE READ--POST #23~~ Worried about ds, headache, fever, migraine?

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I am pretty sure that 7 yr old ds is dehydrated. He said he hasn't peed since last night. He was up in the middle of the night crying that his head hurt "really, really bad" I gave him 1/2 dose of Tylenol and some ice water, but he slept fitfully the rest of the night. This is the 3rd time in the last 10 days that he has woken in the night, crying of a headache. He hasn't ever been much of a drinker, but that no pee since last night concerns me. His skin is normal, but he's pale and running low grade temp. I have offered everything, but he takes no more than a few sips, saying that it doesn't taste good. He hasn't eaten anything all day, and he didn't eat any dinner last night. Obviously, I'm not going to hold him down and force him to eat/drink, but his body is yelling at him to drink, and he isn't doing it. I've offered everything, including his absolute favorite drink, homemade lemonade, and he just isn't interested. I wondered if he might have a migraine, I've never had one, but dh has and ds is acting a lot like that, holding his head, wimpering, and very sensitive to sound.

What can I do for him? I've talked to him about his body telling him to drink something, but he keeps saying that "It doesn't taste good" How can I help him? How long can this last without him needing fluids? I mean, he says he hasn't gone to the bathroom since last night before bed, we went to bed about 8:30 last that's over 18 hours with no urine output??? Scared and worried. What should I do?
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It sounds like a mirgraine with the dehydration making it worse. If he's that lethargic, I would take him to a doctor or the ER. I started getting mirgraines at 8 and I wish someone had taken me seriously.
Do you have a doctor you trust that you can call?

If something like this happened to one of my children I'd either call the pediatrician or just go to the ER.
a bath can help with hydration somewhat
I would def. go to the er on this one. I agree with the op about dehydration making migraines worse, and also wish someone would have taken me seriously(i suffered abdominal migraines as a child). Please get him some help for his pain.
Thanks, Mamas. Please offer up some prayers. I just got off the phone with our (trusted) ped, and she wants him in for a CAT scan.
I'm off to drop the girls at a friends house and then to take him to the ER. My poor baby.
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Oh, I'm so sorry.

Please, please, please let us know when you find anything out.
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I hope he is OK. Please let us know how you both are doing!
Hospital ASAP. Sounds like menengitis.
my thoughts any how you don't mess around with kids and headaches (or breathing issues) its ER if its bad ASAP that's for sure. good luck mama.

We just got back from the ER. Meningitis was my fear as well, but his wbc count came back normal. They think virus. Migraine, causing him not to want to eat/drink, dehydration, and fever for the virus.

They gave him a 2tsp dose of Motrin
and within 30-45 minutes, he was walking around. I just hate dosing with meds like that, I hate the idea of fooling their little bodies, but I guess, in this case, it was necessary. Then, he said he was hungry so I told him he could choose whatever he wanted to eat, he chose Arby's.
He ate an entire sandwich, so I'm not complaining.

I swear, the stress is killing me!
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Big sigh of relief. I'm so happy he is feeling better. Arby's ain't as bad as Mc Donald's right? In a situation like yours I would have given my son cake for dinner.

It sucks to have to medicate your children like that, but in extreme cases like this under an MD supervision the ends can justify the means.
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In a situation like yours I would have given my son cake for dinner.

Do you have a local homeopath? Sounds like he could benefit from one even if the worst is over.

Glad to hear he is feeling better!
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