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More Questions on HB

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I had an episiotomy (?) with my first. They HAD to do it. I would've torn in 5 places if they hadn't. I feel very different down there now, theres a little bubble of skin that wasn't sewn strainght but I don't know if i was sewed up tighter, the same or looser that i was originally. What happens if i need to have another episiotomy (i feel its better than a large tear) when i am at home? At the hospital they gave me these wonderful old granny knit panties with ice packed into an infant diaper which helped OH so much. I went through them like candy. Just wondering about what the MW does when a small "medical" thing like that or the need to get more O2 arrises (i also had to wear an O2 mask for the last 10-20 min of labor cause his head was too big and they needed to cut me..) These aren't major enough for me to go to a hospital in any way but what happens at home?

Also with having warm water tubs and clean up whats a good "shopping" list for an at home mom. I already have a pery (squirt) bottle and dermaplast stuff from last time. How many chuxs, old sheets, towels, waterproof cover for bed, tarps, and all the stuff i havent' thought of yet.... Keep in mind we are poor poor poor and probably going to have to dig in savings to get this stuff.

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I would encourage you to read and learn more about episiotomy. This is a good article:

There are also good info/links here:
I think it's the philosophy of most midwives that it is better to let you tear as you will heal up more naturally. However, they bring oxygen, crashcart, stuff to do stitches etc. I think most would only do an episiotemy if the baby was in danger adn had to get out immed. Also, not sure which position you were in for the delivery, but that can make a huge difference in whether the baby fits without tearing. I'd read up as much as possible on different natural birth stories. Not sure about the supplies as haven't had a homebirth yet.
Honestly, chances are huge that you didn't need the episiotomy. Recent research shows that they are damaging to women and un-needed. Also, were you on your back? Changing positions would have probably saved you also. That said, most midwives (thank goodness) won't do episiotomies. Most midwives DO carry o2.

Epis at home: If you HAVE to have an epi at home, your midwife should know how to do it. Typically, they are only cut in emergency situations. I think the epi rate for homebirths is less than 3%. Midwives are good at supporting the perineum and helping you avoid the bad tears. Yes, bad tears can happen, but the majority of women only suffer minor tears if they tear at all. This is something you need to discuss with your midwife. Ask her the same questions you asked here and she'll tell you what she would do. Open a dialogue about it so you are both on the same page.

You can do ice packs and granny panties at home, too. I had the mesh panties...loved them. But I only had 1 pair in my birth kit. 2-3 pairs would have been better. Some midwives have these items in the birth kits they request you order or in the list of supplies you need to gather.

Midwives also carry O2 with them. Talk to your midwife and make sure she does. I always thought the O2 was for the babies and never considered that it could also be used on the mom if needed!

Clean up supplies: Honestly, my own birth wasn't very messy because I spent so much time on the toilet and the tub. That mess just goes down the drain and you wipe up. So, I easily got by with....

1 dozen Chux pads (but 2 dozen would have been better). I had a dozen old towels, we only used a few. I had 2 plastic shower curtains to put on the floor/bed, and only used 1. That contained everything.

Not including the midwife's fee, I spent about $100 on supplies and the birth kit. Not too bad and I had everything I needed plus some. I still have some leftovers.

If you do a search, you can probably find lots of posts with homebirth supply lists. Some are extravagant, some are very simple. Our supplies were on the minimal side and except for the chux pads and mesh panties, I had more than enough.
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Henci Goer's book " A thinking woman's guide to a better childbirth" (?) has some great info on episiotomy and whether its really necessary...Don't believe everything they tell you in the hospital. Good luck!
Everyone elses post have been great!
I just thought I would post a couple good things to read.,,6rl1,00.html,,6znb,00.html,00.html

And you might feel better if you ask your midwife,
how she would have handled your last birth.

Best wishes, Dearie.
homebirth is drastically different from homebirth. read read read ask ask ask!!!
i reccomend highly birthing from within.
episiotomy is routine in hospital- my midwife delivers breech babies with no tears.
waterbirth is also tremendously helpful in preventing tears. the buoyancy of the water means that less stress from gravity is put on the perineum, and the warm water helps the muscles and skin to stretch and relax. Also, being upright in the water means that the pressure will be more evenly distributed across the perineum.

Midwives can handle nearly all emergencies. They can't do a c-section, obviously. But they can handle shoulder dystocia just as well (better!) than the hospital. They carry oxygen, pitocin (in case of hemorrhage), and other appropriate medicines and herbs. They have dopplers and fetoscopes for monitoring the baby.

Talk to you midwife about all of these concerns. Ask her to show you her equipment and explain it all to you. You should ask why transports to the hospital are performed, what time frame for emergencies, etc.
Thanks for all the thoughts. I don't know if my epi was neccessary or not. I do believe that i would have torn considering i pushed more than usual and his head was pretty big, i did suggest to change to squatting or something to displace all the looks of tearing and maybe a cent. would have helped but they also said i was going to tear up also into the uerthrea (?) so it was pressure on the perinium and the top. i think (hope for my sake) that is was needed as she let me push for a while cause she knew in my birth plan i didn't want an epi, she even tried lubbing, and stretching. its over now and i can't change it but i will ask my midwife at the next visit. have to write that down...placenta brain.
i have found out some good news, tricare JUST approved my ONLy local birth center as in network and since i was moving to a house that wasn't mine, may not be comfortable in and may be pretty old I have decided that I will birth at the center. I hope to use that nice big tub...
When (if....?) i do have another and we have a real home then home birth will be a huge option for me as i know i can do it.
thanks again!!
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