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Every night this week I have had one. Last night I dreamt that I gave birth to a placenta and umbilical cord, but no baby. I told the nurse to double check because I felt kicks and movement while I was pregnant. She did and said there was no baby. Then I had to go and protect Britney Spear's new baby from the paparazzi. I was holding the baby and all these men were trying to take her baby out of my arms. I was trying to call 911 and get Britney's attention, but I was ignored. I woke up when I trying to escape from her house with the baby.<br><br>
I had a similar dream on two separate nights about going in to labor really early. In both I was in full force labor and the medical staff acted like it was no big deal. I tried to tell them that I was only 25 weeks or so and they had to stop the labor, but they ignored me. The labor always stopped by the end of my dream and I would go home. In one of the dreams there were all these laboring women chained to the hospital walls. I remember walking past them and being scared because they were zombie like- grunting, howling and pawing at the walls. It was so odd.<br><br>
These dreams are just getting crazier. It must have to do with my inability to get a good nights rest.<br><br>
Is anyone else having crazy dreams about birth?
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