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More wool pics!

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I know everyone has these lately, but come check out my first ever wool cover! DS2 wore it last night and woke up dry! Dry, do you hear me - DRY!

Plus, it's so darn cute. Oh, and I think it might fit both boys - DS1 is soooo long and skinny.
I'll get more pics of the others I bought later.

Woolly boy!
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That soaker is gorgeous!! Who knit it? Your little one is adorable!!
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I love that pic of him with his one arm up... he looks like he rules the house

What a great soaker!
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Got it off Ebay from seller tinker6729 - isn't it great?

I got the 2 Aristocrats and an FFDU I bought off TP today - but it looks like both the 'crats have been felted too much to fit either one of the boys.
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I'm such an idiot - I just looked at that auction item, and it says I need to wash & lanolize it before use. Um, I didn't, and it still worked great!

Sorry, I just thought that was funny.
So sweet!

I wish I would have discovered wool earlier. Both my boys' bums are so much better in wool....
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Your little guy looks like he knows who is in charge in your house--and it isn't any of the grown ups! He's gorgeous, and looks like he's always smiling! Is he that jolly all the time? Mine's developed a temper lately, and I miss those days where all he did was smile! The wool probably worked without being lanolized because it's a natural colour--probably had some lanolin left over? Just a guess! Besides, wool is naturally absorbent anyway--my understanding is that the lanolin just improves this? Anyone confirm that for me?

Now that is one cute boy!! What a doll!
I love the soaker, too.
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Aw, what a happy looking boy! And that soaker is great.
OMG he is way to cute and that soaker is way cute to........ I love it.......
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