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morgantown wv mamas?

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i know that there were a few on wv thread! we're suddenly moving due to a hasty lay off (ugh) and are looking for resources in the area.

most urgent is a pediatrician or family health doc who is ok with delaying/skipping vaccines for my 3 year old.

next on the list would be fun, cheap indoor and outdoor winter activities for 3 year olds and their pregnant mamas
i haven't lived in morgantown for almost 10 years, long before i even thought about kiddos.

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You may have luck with Dr. Erica Pallie at Cheat Lake Physicians. She's a relatively crunchy family doctor. I don't know of any vax-friendly pediatricians. You could also try Dr. Julia Ramburg in ******* County. It would be a good half-hour drive to her office, though.

As for activities, at the old mall (Mountaineer Mall), there's a place called Morgantown Fun Factory. It's a large indoor play space for toddlers/preschoolers. They also have a craft-making area. I think it's open most weekday mornings. I can't remember how much it costs to visit, maybe a few dollars. At the Morgantown Mall, there's a decent indoor play-area as well. It's free.

Parents' Place
is a preschool co-op that rents space at a church here in town. There are 5 teachers (wonderful teachers, two have been teaching there for over 20 years!), with classes for 1-5 year olds. The parents hang out in the parents' room (babies under a year old stay in the parents' room with their parent), have coffee, snacks and sometimes a guest speaker. I can't remember how much exactly the cost would be. You can sign up for one morning/week. It's Monday-Thursday.

Outdoor activities include numerous parks and playgrounds around town. Or a little ways out of town is Chestnut Ridge Park, which offers sledding, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Let me know if you need any more info about anything!
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