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Morning/afternoon/evening sickness: What is working for you? What's not?

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Share stories, even silly ones. All us gagging mamas need a laugh.

A wonderful Livejournal mama sent me a huge package of altoid sours and mints and I find that if I munch on them during a big time nausea attack it can make the difference between being able to speak or not.
I've also found some success with a ReliefBand, which is not the same as a seaband, and someone sent me after she didn't need it anymore. She got it from her doc after gastric bypass, but it's usually used for pregnant women. It's like a TENS machine on your wrist and feels VERY strange. But after about 5-10 minutes of it, I can really feel a difference in the severity of my nausea.
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Well, my nausea is lessening slightly and I'm feeling a bit better the past 2 days. I still throw up in the evening and have to go to bed early but I'm definitely feeling better than last week. What's helping me these days is drinking water with tons of ice, it goes down so well and is SO refreshing. I've also learned to respond to the signs that it's most likely better to go throw up now than feel like this. I tend to feel beaten up after throwing up but at least the nausea dissipates.
That acidy, must eat now or else I'll dry heave for hours feeling is gone the past few days. I get hungry but it can wait a little now. That helps too.
I just had the first Vitamin B6 injection last evening and today I feel better. Like much better. I hope it lasts.

I was able to get the B6 formulated in single dose vials because I won't inject preservatives in my body. I had to buy 10 of them and my doctor thinks I will only need one or two but they were only $2.50 each so it wasn't too expensive. (BTW, my dr is a family practitioner who used to be a midwife. We use her for the whole family. She has given me the name of a homebirth widwife and I have my first appointment with her next week.)
I'm glad you feel a little better Karen!
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Nothing is working.
The seabands don't work anymore, sucking on candies makes me gag, nothing is working. I've given up and I'm just waiting for it to go away.
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2 Kathryn.
I found things worked better when I stopped looking for a cure, and just something that would take it from a 10 to an 8.
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