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Morning Sickness Anyone?

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I had morning sickness with my last pregnancy that lasted from week 7 to week 20. It was basically 24/7 nausia, but I didn't usually get sick more than just once a day. Nothing helped, but then I didn't have the great advice I get on here now. The worst thing is when I was all showered and dressed up for work, and once I hit the kitchen, any lingering food smells were unbearable! I'd puke in the kitchen garbage, and because I also have a weak bladder, I starting having to get up early just in case I ended up taking two showers. I also thought about how I could rig up a ladder from my bedroom window so I could climb down to my car
. Anyways......
I am starting to show signs of it now, and I know the whole "eat crackers before you get out of bed" and eat smaller more frequent meals, but those two things didn't work last time. I've also heard lemonade helps. Before I go out and buy the motion sickness wrist bands, is their any other natural things I should try. I heard something about ginger......what's up with that?
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Hi Jenni,

I'm right there with you. I have all day sickness but it is at it's worse in the morning and early evening. Keeping something in my stomach throughout the day can usual help a bit.

I have tried Ginger tea and didn't care for it plus it didn't seem to help me at all (actually the smell made me ill so it made it worse!) but it might work for you. You can also try real Ginger Ale - that is the stuff made with actual ginger in it.

Lemon sometimes works for me - water with Lemon or a lemon lollipop.

I have heard that peppermint works well too but doesn't work for me.

I think it's a trial and error thing to find what helps you!

Good luck, we will get through this!!!

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Well mine is now officially classed as HG, due to the severity. I ended up in hospital yesterday and am still now on IV fluids, just at home. The last few times things that worked for me were;
Obey your cravings-my wise ob said that if you crave carbs or sugar, your blood sugar is likely low. If you crave meat or protein, eat some, it's what your body wants.
Lemon-I used to keep a baggie with sliced up lemons in it, so I could grocery shop and if there was a smell that bothered me I could sniff my lemons.
I found chewing spearmint gum helped.
Also, I had really good success with hypnosis.
Hope it helps
I'm new to all this, but let me just say, Ginger Altoids kick butt. I've been eating them and they've been curbing the nausea. Granted i'm only just queasy, not pukey . yet.
I felt pretty rotten last time until I stopped eating ALL refined sugar. I just stayed the heck away from it. I did it to stop the migraine headaches I was getting, and was very surprised that the all-day nausea I was having went away, too.
I'm not sure if it will work this time, but I stopped eating sugar again, just in case! (Of course, now with all the reading on diet I've been doing, I'm definitely convinced that refined sugar is the absolute last thing I need.)
I'm so paranoid that the m/s will hit any day. I'm not that far along (due the very end of Feb/first of March) and I'm just waiting. The first five times I had horrible m/s which lasted day and night from wk 7 to wk 14 or so. I was really knocked out last time. I've already started the vit.b supplements and I found this vit. from Rainbow Lite called Prenatal good mornings. You take it when you start to feel sick and it's supposed to help. I also ordered some preggi pops. I tried ginger a few kids back and it made me ill. Although, real ginger ale helped last time. I think it's different with every kid. I am going to try to cut out the sugar and sweets, though, and stick to the fruits and veggies. I did that around wk 10 last time and it helped alot.
I've been very lucky in that I have only had nausea, and not too much at that. My appetite is still good, and I've been craving meat and vegetables, so that's something to be thankful for. It's actually quite funny, but I have developed a major aversion to sweets, especially chocolate; I normally have a serious sweet tooth! (My best friend says this means I am having a boy.)

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the nausea won't get much worse, but it sounds like I could still be in for it based on what y'all have experienced.

Ginger Altoids! How clever. I am going to keep my eye out for those.
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