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HI all,
I have had hyperemesis twice (am currently 24 weeks pregnant with my second), which is a severe form of moring sickness. Over the two pregnancies, I have accumulated lots of stuff to help. I am selling it since I am over the worst of it and we just moved and want some cash. I can sell it all, or in pieces. Email me at: [email protected]

Morning well CD: CD to help alleviate nausea

Hypnobabies eliminate nausea now CD:

Sea bands (acupressure bands to be worn on wrists)

Prenatal good mornings vitamin supplement (Rainbow Lights)
I took about one or two before I had to move on to prescription, but again I had a severe form

Coenzymated vitamin B-6 by Source Naturals (1 bottle)
Vitamin B-6 that dissolves under your tongue. No more choking down vitamins. B-6 is very effective at helping with nausea.

I am accepting best offer on these, since I don't know if someone wants them as a package or individually.
Feel better soon!
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