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"morning" sickness way worse at night

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Anyone else dealing with this? I am so much sickier at night this time. By 8pm I'm usually so nauseated (sp?) I can't even talk anymore and I just try to go to sleep. I don't feel great or anything during the day but it is just so much worse at night. I have started dreading night time. This is the first time I've experienced this during pregnancy. Oh I'm so hoping this starts to get better in a couple of weeks (when I'll be 12 weeks).
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I get night sickness also. It was the same with Amethyst. This time its a little worse though, and happens a little more during the day also.
It sucks doesn't it. It makes hard to sleep/stay asleep (for me anyway).

P.S. I love your dd's name, it's so pretty!!!
yeah i've been eating cheese sandwhiches right before bed and twice in the middle of the night or else I'm puking stomach acid and snot all night long

sorry for the grossness
I have felt bad all during the day and night...doesn't matter what time...other days I have felt fine...I can't seem to place the source of sickness to any one thing...other than NOT eating...
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Nights are really hard for me too, although I have found a sort-of solution. If I puke right before dinner (usually just have to walk into the bathroom, and it happens), and then eat a good protein-rich dinner in the immediate aftermath (I always feel best right after puking), I usually will feel pretty good for a couple of hours. Then a snack before I start to feel hungry again usually helps the night not be too bad.

Mornings are a little worse than nights, they are my hardest time. Last pregnancy, I actually felt best in the mornings. I wouldn't start to feel sick until around 10 a.m. But this time I wake up puking every morning, which is more like the typical "morning sickness" I think.

Oh I just can't wait for the second trimester!!


Originally Posted by lexbeach
Oh I just can't wait for the second trimester!!

Me either!! Hurry up , hurry up second trimester!!!
I've got "evening sickness" too. I feel fine in the morning - just slight queasiness most of the day. Then after dinner, I feel awful, and just have to keep doing deep breathing to stave off the queasy feeling. Ugh. Haven't thrown up yet, and I'm crossing fingers... didn't do it last preg, and I want to keep that record. Throwing up is my worst fear of pregnancy!

Anyway, I'm lucky in that once I lay down and go to sleep, I'm fine. So I just go to bed EARLY. I really should be in bed now, but I haven't read MDC all day, so I have to deal with the queasies a bit to catch up with you all!
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I'm almost exactly the same as Vera - okay during the day, crumby at night, but okay once I sleep.

I would LOVE to drink a glass of milk at night, or in the middle of the night when I wake up with heartburn (which, if this pregnancy is like the last one, is just weeks away). But I can't with my med schedule. I take my prenatals at night (because they make me ill in the morning)... and I take my synthroid 4 hours after that. Neither of those can be taken with dairy (prenatal for the iron, synthroid for the whole shebang - and not 4 hours before or an hour after). Same goes with tums for the synthroid. Anyone have any ideas - because the thought of dealing with heartburn every night for months without help really scares me.
another great thing that worked for me in my last pregnancy to quell morning sickness was sipping vinegar water through the night.

just a splash of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water. it's refreshing and taste good and settles the stomach. is great for heart burn as well.

this time i'm not doing the vinegar water, i'm doing something i've found works better : kombucha. It's a fermented beverage (no alcohol). We make our own but it is also available at the health food stores. It's quite vinegar-y as well. if you want to try this you should dilute it with water and start out slow because it has strong detoxifying effects. I drink 16 oz a day only because I've been drinking it prior to the pg.
I'm sick all day long, but waking middlw of the night to puke and eat. I'm feeling pretty miserable and I hope this passes quickly.
It is true that an empty tummy makes you sicker. I've been sort of forcing small amounts of food evert so often.
I've been getting evening sickness too. I felt great all day then about 6 this evening it started building up. Now I'm pretty nauseous.
Yep! This is me! And DH wonders why he can't get any sex out of me!!!!
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