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morning vomiting - baby

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Hi Mamas,

My 3 month old occassionally vomits (really vomits, not just spitup) in the morning. I think it's because she's overeating (breastfeeding) while laying down.

She sleeps in an Amby Baby Bed next to our bed and if she wakes up early (4:30 or so, I bring her into our bed and nurse her side lying and let her stay in bed with us. She nurses and goes back to sleep, but may wake up and nurse again or sometimes it seems she just wants to suck...but she's sucking my breast so she's getting milk (she won't take a pacifier, tried that already).

So sometimes, when we get up, she vomits. She doesn't cry and actually smiles afterwards and doesn't seem any worse off or anything.

Anyone else experience anything like this?? Anything I can do to prevent it?? Any harm in it happenning occassionally??
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My vote goes to overeating. When you are feeding her the second time later in bed, do you switch sides from the one you fed her on earlier? If all that particular session seems to be about is comfort sucking, then you could always stay on the same side you nursed her on before, and if she has emptied that breast, she will be sucking on a fairly empty side and probably wouldn't get as much. If she seems happy and content and otherwise doesn't notice I wouldn't worry about it. I remember when my DD projectile vomited the first time. She actually also smiled for the first time while awake after that, while I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off freaking out. Sigh.
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