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Moses baskets?

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I am interested in a moses basket, but I've never seen one (except in a picture), never used one, never talked to anyone who did. They seem spendy, the couple I've seen. Are they worth it?

Do you like them?
How do you use them?
How much are they?
Are there less expensive ones?
Are they worth it?

Please tell me what you think!
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Do you like them? Yep

How do you use them? We used ours for naps so we could keep the baby close by, and also as a travel bed, as an outdoor bed in the summer, and as DD's original bed before I discovered co-sleeping.

How much are they? We spent $40 CDN for ours.

Are there less expensive ones? Don't buy from a boutique. Look around at a Sears or another cheaper department store. I've seen them as low as $30 CDN, since buying mine. You can also buy a little wooden stand for them, but those aren't necessary. If you're worried about looks (mine had a very ugly fabric), it's super easy to sew a new cover for it. Just take the original cover apart to use as a pattern, if you have to.

Are they worth it? I think so, yes. Ours has survived 2 infants, and now alternates between being used as a doll bed, toy storage, and in a pinch, a laundry basket.
We've definitely gotten our money worth out of it. I plan to pass it down to the next family member who has a baby.
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I originally planned to get one for my son, but decided I'd rather have a bassinet that was up off the floor and in easy reach from my bed - they do make stands for moses baskets too though. Moses baskets are adorable, I'd say if you feel like getting one then it's worth it. Most are just for use as a baby bed for the first couple months as they're made pretty small. They usually aren't sturdy enough for use as carriers. You can look on ebay for some less expensive ones than you find in most stores and sites, that's where I planned to get mine. With shipping you might even get one for under $30.
We spent $40 CDN for ours.
What's CDN?

Thanks for the feedback
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Ha! Ha! I thought it was a store, I was trying to find it online

While I'm on a role (I know it's off the subject) but what are these abbrev?

DH? I know it's husband, but how?
DS? Child?
DD? Older Child?

I know there are others, but enough embarassment for me.
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dear husband, son, daughter, know what I mean?
There's a thread in the Q&A section on it.
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That was a great thread for me to read thanks!

OK back to the subject, Moses Baskets? Anyone?
Yes, they are very handy Esp. w/ a newborn.. We got a new one at a used kid's store (once upon a child)..I think Target sells them too...They don't really work well once your DC starts rolling or crawling as they tip over-lesson learned! Check e-bay too for new ones...
Good luck!
I like mine. I don't think I would've spent the $ for it on my own, but it was a shower gift. I used it when DD was a newborn as a safe place to put her down while I went to the bathroom, etc. She's slept in it for naps a few times, too. I still use it while I take a shower--just take the basket into the bathroom (actually, it stays there now!) and she hangs out looking out the skylight.
Mine was about $60 I think, from JC Penny. My only complaint is the foam insert is really flimsy and the cover is hard to get back on it once it comes off to wash, etc. I finally just put a blanket down in it instead.
We had one, found it very useful when dd was tiny. We paid $80. Found it at Marshalls. I wouldn't spend over $100 for one. You won't use it long. We didn't have a crib or bassinet or anything else but our bed. It was very useful when she was tiny so that if she went to sleep downstairs, I could bring her up with me without waking her.

Yes, I'm very proud to say that my grandfather, father, and I all slept in it as babies. It was offered to my SIL who said it looked like a death trap, and I jumped all over it. We loved ours. And I love that we didn't have to buy yet another baby item that ds would quickly outgrow. Ours looked a picnic basket
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