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mosquito repelling plants?

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As I'm living in the middle of a big mosquito nest, does anyone know of any plants/flowers that naturally repel the little demons? I thought I heard that geraniums do, but not sure.
p.s we have gotten rid of all standing water its just that my city goes thru skeeter infestation every summer....sigh
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I've always wanted to plant citronella bushes for this reason. They won't survive the winters here, though, and would have to pull them in.

I'd never heard of geranium, but MountainMom (on natural living) just told me that essential oil has bug protection quality. WOW So, yep, guessing so!
We also live in skeeterville, and I've got tons of geraniums near my patio. It doesn't seem to deter the bloodsucking vermin in the least.
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We also have several huge beds of volunteer catnip, which comes back faster than I can yank it out. It also doesn't deter the mosquitos in the least.

We are, however, the place to be for the local feline population.
If only the bats felt the same way.
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thanks guys! Now the question is, will any of these live in my climate?
hmmmmm (or survive my very non-green thumb)
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