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I am loving this spring-like weather, we have been outside as much as possible everyday, but I know the mosquitos are coming, and it sucks.

They are so bad around our house. I don't know what we can do. Apparently we have mosquitos that do not need standing water, so even emptying flower pots and such does nothing to control them.
We use citronella candles, Skin So Soft, and stay indoors near dawn and dusk, but they still eat us alive and my kids can't even play on their swing set in the summertime.

Has anyone seen those Thermacell mosquito repelent? How are they supposed to work, and does anyone know if they actually do?

We need something to keep them away.
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Are those the things that create carbon dioxide, which draws the mosquitos toward the unit, keeping them away from you? I think they run on LP gas. I'm not sure how well they work.

Have you considered a bat box? I'm going to be the queen of bat boxes, one of these days.
We are planning to buy bat boxes. Any idea how many? Like how many is too many? I'd hang one on every tree in my yard if I knew there's be not mosquitos!

The thermacell's are supposed to draw the mosquitos to the thing and away from you.
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My mom has a bat box (so do I, but it's just sitting around in my house so fat lot of good . . . ) but has never got bats to frequent it. Anyone know how to encourage bat inhabitancy? I'd love to put mine up if I thought it was worth the trouble.

We live in Florida, if that makes a difference. I know it makes a difference for mosquitoes!
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