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most important question to ask?

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I am meeting a CNM this week. It is a well woman visit. We plan to TTC this winter. I want to be "in" with her now. If we fit that is. I want the support now, and whilelTTC and I want to know her before I am pregant to make the pg easier.

What is the most importnat question to ask?

Midwives -- what is the best question you have even been asked?

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I don't think there's one single question. There wasn't for me, anyway. What mattered to me is how comfortable I felt in her/their presence. (I hired a team of two midwives with dd.) Each of them have very different personalities, but both made me feel completely at ease. They actually split their practice while I was pregnant with dd, and I had to "choose" my primary attendant, and then ended up with the other in labor, anyway. LOL!

That was a tough decision, because neither was a bad choice. However, this time I've "hired" the one who didn't make it to the last birth, as I just feel her personality balances out my own, whereas the other has a personality very much like my own.
Aimee, I put together a list of questions I to ask midwives I interviewed. I can't seem to find them at the moment, but I know where I got them from. Half of the questions I got out of Dr. Sear's "The Birth Book". There's a list of questions to ask midwives. The other questions I found on the ICAN website, under their "White Pages". Granted, these are supposed to be for women who have had previous C-Sections, but I think they could be helpful for anyone ... ie., C-Section rate, etc.

I hope this is helpful!
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