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I know we're similar in the fact that we don't want to use time-outs and we're both committed to an AP, GD way of life. So I can safely tell you that I recommend "Positive Discipline: The First Three Years". However, I do not recommend the whole book for you.

The infant section is not very helpful nor useful (however, you're already beyond that). Also, skip the section on Sleeping. It's not compatible with my beliefs and I bet not with yours.

However, the best and most useful chapters for me in parenting my toddler were "The Miraculous Brain: How Children Learn"; "Autonomy vs. Doubt and Shame"; "The Value of Autonomy: 'Me Do It"; "Temperament: What Makes Your Child Unique?"; "Understanding Developmental and Age Appropiateness"; "Social Skills in the First Three Years"; "Discipline in the First Three Years"; "Building Healthy Self-Esteem Through Encouragement"; and finally "Bonding, Feelings and Language Development".

The chapters on Eating and Toileting are also good. Basically it has some good suggestions for toddlers and has helped me tremendously.

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