A mother traveling with her baby was threatened with being placed on a 'no-fly' list because she created a biohazard on a domestic flight. The biohazard? A dirty diaper in the airplane's bathroom trash can.

In another episode of "Are you serious?" a Seattle mom says she was humiliated by a flight attendant for disposing of her daughter's dirty diaper in a sealed bag in the airplane's bathroom trash can. Dr. Farah Naz Khan said that when she was traveling earlier this month with her daughter from Montana to Texas, her daughter had a poopy diaper. Her daughter is under 2-years-old, and yes, poop happens. Even on airplanes.

In a Twitter Post, Dr. Khan said she changed her daughter's diaper in the bathroom at the back of the plane. She put it in a scented diaper disposal bag and sealed it. She then put the diaper in the bathroom trash can and thought nothing else of it. In an interview with NBC News, Dr. Khan said that when she got back to the front of the plane, a flight attendant berated her for disposing of the dirty diaper in the trash.

The flight was a United Airlines flight operated by Mesa Airlines, one of United's regional partners. The attendant told Dr. Khan that the dirty diaper was a biohazard and she needed to retrieve it. Humiliated at having to fish a dirty diaper out of a bathroom trashcan on an airplane, and feeling belittled for something so benign, she did as she was asked. When she asked a different crew member for a garbage bag to put the dirty diaper in to hold in her seat, the crew member told her that she should have done just as she had--put the diaper in the trash in the bathroom, as that was the proper procedure. She told the initial flight attendant what his colleague told her and she was again yelled at and told he 'didn't want to deal with' her.

Yet he still did. Dr. Khan said the attendant still harassed her about the diaper even after the plane landed and no one else was on board. More, he called her cell phone from a toll-free United Airlines number a few hours later and told her she was put on the 'no-fly' list for the biohazard incident. He cursed at her, told her that 'You people bring your families everywhere,' and that she should 'stop flying and just drive.'

Ahhh...and there's the crux of the story. Dr. Khan is a South Asian American Muslim. She filed formal complaints with United Airlines and the Federal Aviation Administration. She also notified police in Seattle and Houston.

As expected, the airline is 'looking into' the incident. They've yet to offer an apology.

Dr. Khan says she does NOT believe she's on the no-fly list, but she is concerned about that attendant. As she should be. If he's ballistic over a dirty diaper? What else could happen?

Image: KITTIKUN YOKSAP/Shutterstock