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MotherBirth    Natural Childbirth Education Class<br>
MotherBirth natural childbirth education classes are offered to expecting women and their partners who would like more information on natural childbirth.  MotherBirth classes are a great way to learn what to expect during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and post-partum regardless of where you plan to deliver.  MotherBirth covers hospital, birthing center and home births.  MotherBirth teaches the pros and cons of modern childbirth interventions such as episiotomy, IV fluids, amniotomy, pitocin, C-section and many others with a focus on little to no medication during delivery whenever possible.  Moms are taught several ways to deal with labor pain before turning to medication.  The majority of couples participating in MotherBirth classes deliver in hospitals with obstetricians or midwives, however, the classes also touch on home birth as well.  Parents will receive information about additional support they can use including doulas and midwives.<br><br>
How does MotherBirth natural childbirth classes differ from a typical hospital sponsored childbirth class?  Hospital sponsored classes are often times taught by an RN from the L&D ward of the hospital.  The classes focus mainly on "how to be a good patient".  They tell you what to expect when you arrive at the hospital, what will be done to you, and what is expected of you.  They generally do not show you what is going on inside your body and why.  They do not teach you that contractions are a wonderful thing, or what rights you have as parents, or any alternatives you have to standard care.  In reality, you actually have many choices about your care.  MotherBirth classes will touch on some of these choices and how you can have a positive birthing experience.  We will cover such things as Nutrition & Exercise, Labor Positions, Relaxation Techniques, Holistic Care, Natural vs Medications,  Stages of Labor, Modern Interventions, Risk & Prevention, Vaginal Delivery vs C-Section, Emergencies, Breastfeeding, Post-partum Care, Newborn Procedures & Care, and much, much more.<br><br>
Mothers and their partners learn how to work together as a team. They learn how to communicate their preferences, make informed decisions, minimize discomfort, and encourage relaxation during labor.  Partners learn to identify and respond to the mother’s needs. They learn ways to help maintain a relaxing environment and help to empower the mother during each stage of labor and delivery.  And, once you leave the class, the learning doesn't stop there.  I will make myself available to you through e-mail starting from our first class up until your baby is 6 weeks old.  <br><br>
While most natural childbirth classes are 8-12 weeks long, MotherBirth classes generally run 6 weeks in length (Total = 12 hours).  It is never too early or too late to begin MotherBirth classes.  You can begin as soon as you find out you are pregnant (or sooner if you are planning on having a baby in the next year).  Or, If you feel you are too far along in your pregnancy to attend classes for 6 weeks, or have been put on bed rest,  you can contact me about a 1-day mini-class (Total 6 hours).<br><br><br>
Course Outline:<br><br><br>
Class 1:      Pregnancy, Well-Being & Making Decisions - We will do a quick overview of your pregnancy, changes in your body, baby's growth, medications during pregnancy, proper nutrition, exercises and personal wellness.  We will also talk about support people - including doulas and midwives - and how your partner can help take care of you.<br><br>
Class 2:    Labor : Stage 1 - We will be covering false labor, when to call your dr/midwife, signs of real labor, what to expect, pain management and relaxation techniques.  We will also discuss how to create a birth plan.<br><br>
Class 3:    Pain management - We will cover all forms of pain management from IV meds to epidurals, to natural techniques.  We will talk about visualization, massage, labor positions, and listening to your body.<br><br>
Class 4:    Labor : Stage 2 & 3 - In this class we will cover such topics as pushing, delivery of baby, delayed cord clamping, forceps & vacuum, placenta and it's benefits, emergencies, C-section, and more.<br><br>
Class 5:         Post-Partum & Newborn Procedures - This class will go over all of the routine, and not-so-routine, stages of post-partum care.  We will also discuss your new baby's first few hours and what to expect.  We'll talk about jaundice, the NICU, and "routine" procedures (benefits and risks).<br><br>
Class 6:    Breastfeeding & Newborn Care - In this class we will talk about breastfeeding and nourishment of your new baby and what to do if there are problems.  We will discuss how to care for your newborn once you get home. We will also spend some time talking about concerns you may have (ie, post-partum depression, sex, birth control, etc).  <br><br>
We end each class with answering any questions you may have.  If you think of questions on your way home from class, or later in the week, you can send me an email or just write them down and bring them to the next class.<br><br>
For every couple who attends all six classes, you will receive a special gift after the classes have ended.  If you had to miss a class due to medical reasons, you can speak to me privately about making up the class.<br><br><br><br><br>
MotherBirth Instructor:    Lynette Kendall, CLD, NCBE (MBE)<br><br>
Dates:   Spring 2012 (exact dates to be announced)<br><br>
Location:   Bristol, VA/TN (exact location to be announced)<br><br>
Cost:   Full Course (6 weeks) =  $ 75.00/couple*<br>
            * full course has a maximum of 6 couples per class, so register early!<br><br>
            Mini - Course (1 day)   =  $ 125.00/couple**<br>
            ** mini-course is a private class for one couple or a single mom<br><br><br><br>
To register for MotherBirth Classes, please contact Lynette Kendall at  <br><br>
[email protected]  or  call  1-276-791-7586.</p>
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