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:smile:“God could not be anywhere, and therefore he made mothers.”

Being a mother is an everyday challenge, it is exciting as you get to know a lot about the new-born. Each milestone is memorable and enjoyable like the baby’s first movement, the first time the baby sits on his own, gets up on his own, first crawl, first walk and the list is endless.
Being a mother is one of the best experiences of life, and it comes with many challenges and responsibilities. Which involves making many decisions, and one of the most important ones is what to put in your baby’s tummy.
Now let’s see some of the challenges
1. Sleepless nights
One of the most common problems and often the only complaint parents have with their babies. Making your baby sleep through the night requires a little more effort, each baby needs a routine. If your baby is active during the nights a soft massage or a warm bath may help in soothing the baby down.
2. Sign language
Babies often use crying as a language to communicate, and their crying does not always mean they want to communicate something. It does not mean that you must respond immediately when they are cranky
3. Baby gets sick too often
Make sure you breastfeed your baby as far as possible, breastfeeding makes their immune system stronger. Keep the sleeping place as clean as possible, and the environment should be clean and hygienic. Get regular check-ups done from a good pediatrician and remember the schedule of the vaccines.
4. Baby’s nutrition
For the first 6 months, babies should be given only mother’s milk, after 6 months along with mother’s milk give your baby purees made up of fruits and vegetables.

If you understand your baby’s cues, you will always know what your baby needs or wants. There is no perfect way, after all, it is a daily learning experience.
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