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I'm asking $2 per magazine plus shipping.

Issue 118
May/June 2003
Kids Are What They Eat
Maternal Mortality On The Rise
Keep Talking To Your Teens

Nov/Dec 2005
Best new natural toys of 2005
The untold risks of epidurals
How fresh foods are changing US schools
The many medicinal uses of mother's milk

Issue 116
Jan/Feb 2003
The Parents' Bill Of Rights
Prenatal Yoga
Cloth Diapers

Issue 123
March/April 2004
Say No To A Cesarean
Love Your Mama Body
A Deaf Mother's Story
Families Who Sing Together

Issue 117
March/April 2003
Vitamin D and Breastfeeding
Natural Birth Control
Homebirth under Fire

Issue 115 (missing back cover)
Nov/Dec 2002
Vaccines And Autism
Help For Tantrums
No More Standardized Tests

Issue 114
Sept/Oct 2002
Sleeping with your Baby
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