Mothering was founded in 1976 as a quarterly magazine. The first issue was put together in Ridgway, Colorado by pregnant moms who were part of the same childbirth education class. The audience for the magazine was the nascent community of natural living pioneers.

One of our early articles talked about how nice it would be if a new mom could call a friend when she was awake at night with the baby. We didn't even imagine the Internet then.

In 1995, an old friend told me to get a URL. My friend worked in Sausalito with several web pioneers so I trusted his judgment and registered

By 1998, we had increased the frequency of publishing the magazine to bimonthly and used our website as a customer service site for subscribers.

About that time I hired a new managing editor, Rosie Kennedy, who started discussion boards on for the first time. Cynthia Marshall was our first official board administrator and when Cynthia left to adopt a baby, I interviewed several applicants for what we now call the Community Manager position.

One applicant stood out because of her responses to my questions about how she would handle conflict among our members. In 2001, I hired Cynthia Mosher as Community Manager and her gentle and consistent leadership has helped to shape the growth of the Mothering community for 11 years. In 2001, Cynthia and I hoped that one day we would have 1,000 community members. Today we have over 200,000 members.

We've just unveiled an exciting new design for As the site has grown, we've had one platform for the community, a second for the articles and yet another for the blogs. What a relief to have everything integrated into one site with crisp visual presentation and great functionality. We can now better feature the fresh new content and up-to-the-minute conversations we know you love.

Thank you to those who have emailed with their enthusiasm about our new look. Please let me know how you like it and what we can do to improve your experience at Mothering.

Peggy O'Mara founded in 1995 and is currently its editor-in chief. She was the editor and publisher of Mothering Magazine from 1980 to 2011. The author of Having a Baby Naturally; Natural Family Living; The Way Back Home; and A Quiet Place, Peggy has lectured and conducted workshops at Omega Institute, Esalen, La Leche League International, and Bioneers. She is the mother of four.