My children are still on their vacation with their dad, so I have absolutely no parenting nuggets to share. I know that they will be home Thursday night, and I also have reason to believe that it will not be a Partridge family reunion-the kids always need to act out a bit after we've been apart, as a way to acknowledge their feelings of separation/missing me, and as long as I brace myself for that, I can minimize the fallout. If I expect it to be smooth and idyllic, well, that would only make it worse.

I think I will let them be hellions for a while and then I will lie down on the floor and start singing a song in falsetto German (one I remember from junior high German class, compliments of Frau Fischer). They will be curious and giggly, and that will break the mood. Or not. Will report back.


I have been on a black bean kick (oh-so-very kapha of me) and so two nights ago Laura and I had the extremely healthy meal of brown basmati rice, black beans, and spinach. This led to leftover rice, which I put into a sort of frittata (sans oven stage-too fussy for me this time)

I Like Brown Rice In Eggs, How About You?

Melt a half teaspoon of butter/Earth Balance/olive oil in a medium-sized nonstick skillet over medium heat and spread it around.

Drop in about a half cup of leftover rice and spread it around so it gets warmed up and a little toasty-crispy.

Crack 4 eggs into a bowl, add about a quarter cup of milk (I like skim for this), and whisk it with a fork. Pour it over the rice, and shake the pan gently so that the egg gets under the rice a bit.

Drop in some small pieces of cheese, and if you have any veggies, drop them in too. I threw in some leftover spinach from the night before. It was soft and already cooked, which was appealing to me.

Treat it kind of like an omelet, kind of like scrambled eggs. Let the bottom cook enough so that it's firm but not rubbery, and then pull the edges back to let the uncooked egg pool around the outside of the cooked bottom. A little while after that, attempt in vain to flip the entire disc over but notice that it starts to rip apart, and then shrug and turn everything over piecemeal. Still tastes the same (really yummy!)

I served it with a piece of millet toast and black beans.

* * *

Other surprisingly healthy and easy meal we recently:

Chicken leg-thighs, skinless, roasted in the oven after being coated with bbq sauce (first I covered the dish so everything would steam and stay moist, then I pulled off the foil and let it get a little crispy, for about 10 minutes.

fresh ears of corn, boiled

frozen bag-o-spinach, heated up (sometimes, I just want the frozen kind. Especially when it's a bbq-esque side. It's a texture thing.)

Roasted baby potatoes

A sliced avocado


Only problem was, we wanted some kind of decadent Southern dessert afterwards…banana cream pie…or chocolate pudding pie…some kind of creamy pie. Sigh.

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