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<p>HI there, I am not sure what the going rate is so I may have overpriced these, works out to be about 2.60 per issue incl. shipping,  but I know there are some good issues in here. From a smoke free home, kept away from pets, postage paid in US via media rate, Some are like new cond., others are worn, but there shouldnt be any pages missing or major damage. LMK if you have questions! Issues;</p>
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<p>Hip Mama # 40, the identity issue</p>
<p>Hip Mama # 37 the adoption issue</p>
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<p>mothering numbers;</p>
<p>125 mercury/ vaccines</p>
<p>87 reading, woman to woman, better birth thru personal care</p>
<p>92 newborns, parents with disabilities, secretin,</p>
<p>90 pvc toys, teens take risks, shared child care</p>
<p>115 vaccines, autism,tantrums, standardised testing</p>
<p>126 a childs recovery, barbara fisher, hideouts, best birth videos</p>
<p>108 moms say no to aids drugs,</p>
<p>136 30 years of mothering</p>
<p>89 cows milk, natural birth afer c section</p>
<p>107 turn off tv, cytotec, american indian breastfeeding circle</p>
<p>117 vit. d and breastfeeding, natural BC, homebirth under fire</p>
<p>120 organic lunches, vax and travel, prenatal testing</p>
<p>116 parents bill of rights, prenatal yoga, cloth dipes</p>
<p>122 chicken pox party, breast still best/ env. contaminants, hold your crying baby.</p>
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