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How wonderful to see such an active site - there's something happening here and I don't know what it is - do you Mrs (Ms) Jones??!!

Just wanted to mention one or two other Australian sites - not by way of competition - but collaboration. The first is called - Mothers of Intervention see: lots of links to articles and reports

and the second - Mothers be heard - see

You will see on both information about a forthcoming conference to be held at Queensland Univesity called: The Mother: Images, Issues and Practices


or see: for registration.

why not come along?! There have now been 3 conferences in Australia under the auspice of The association for research on mothering - York University in Canada (and now an Australian branch). I've been to the three of them and just loved the connecting - many others grappling with what it means to be a mother in the modern day world!!

ARM - Canada - are very active, they have regular conferences, publish a journal and have now set up a publishing house. I went to a conference there in October last year and they were launching as many books as they could in a very tight schedule (over four days 9am to 9pm) a flourishing area. There was a wonderful literary event with many readings from newly released poetry amongst other things.

See: for a glimpse of the action.

all the best, Joannie
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