By Cynthia Mosher

As the years have passed and I moved out of infant, toddler and child mothering and into preteen, teen and adult mothering, I held in the back of my mind the thought of mother mothering. I am one of two girls and two boys born to my mother and father. I am the eldest. I knew the day would come when my parents would have health issues and would need help with their day-to-day living tasks.
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My father has had health issues for many years and my mother has been his caregiver day in and day out. She also mothered her own mother for several years as well as her father. But now, after several heath crisis events, she needs mothering. So I am in Georgia mothering my mama. It's a different kind of mothering but mothering nonetheless. I take her to doctor's appointments and make sure she takes her medications. I encourage her to eat, help her bathe, and do just about anything else she needs through the day or night. This is a different kind of mothering but mothering nonetheless. My mother could get all the help she needs from a sitter, in assisted living, or in a nursing home if she ever reached such a level of need. But that would not be mothering. It would be care giving, and certainly would be of great help to her. But it would not come from a place of love and care like that from a mother to a child. Or a daughter to a mother. That is what I think makes mothering so precious. I'm so glad to be able to be here for her and to help her through everything. Everyone needs mothering. Even our mothers.

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