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A monthly Gathering to discuss and celebrate "Mothering without a Map" by Kathryn Black

With the author's blessing, I am inviting all under-mothered Mama's to join us in celebrating our inherent abilities. We will openly discuss issues surrounding those of us who have lost our mothers due to illness, alcoholism, drug abuse or death.

Please see for more info on the group.

Thank you very much,


Reviews ~

The Washington Post

ATTACHMENT ANXIETIES: The state of being under-mothered
by Stephanie Wilkinson
May 9, 2004

"Black is right to note that learning about attachment theory inevitably prompts every mother to scrutinize both her upbringing and the way she parents. It's a testament to Black's considerable sensitivity and skill as a writer that her book leaves us feeling not anxious and judged but upbeat and hopeful."

Rocky Mountain News

MOTHER NATURE: Avoiding mistakes mother used to make
By Janet Simons
May 3, 2004

"The book emerges as a tribute to human resilience and to the women who have been able to erase the imprint of inadequate mothering to become attentive, loving parents."

Literary Mama

"Mothering Without a Map is a very thorough and affirming book. It left me feeling that although I might have been under-mothered, I can become a healing mother for my own daughter. In our society, mothers often fear that if we make a one wrong move, our children will be scarred for life. Black presents the whole picture: that mothering is really a learning process for moms and children alike."
--Literary Mama:A Literary Magazine for the Maternally Inclined, March 2004
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