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These are all in great condition, unless noted. I hardly have time to read them anymore and I am trying to move out things that I don't need.<br>
Asking $3.50ppd per zine. I will make you a deal if you want a bunch of these. Here is a link to the topics in the Mothering zines. <a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
July/Aug 01<br>
Nov/Dec 01<br>
Sept/Oct 04- Small tear in cover<br>
Nov/Dec 04<br>
Jan/Feb 05 -I have 2<br>
Sept/Oct 05- I have 2<br>
Nov/Dec 05<br>
Jan/Feb 06<br>
March/April 06<br>
May/June 06<br>
July/Aug 06<br>
Nov/Dec 06
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