These are Mothering's Best of awards for families this Oscar season
The Academy Awards are here, and we can't lie; we love the red carpet and we affectionally feel like Oscar is a friend of ours. So, not to be left out, we've come up with our own Oscars for all things family!

This weekend, the 91st Annual Academy Awards allow the best of the best in films and stars walk the red carpet. Whether you're rooting for Lady Gaga, Bohemian Rhapsody or Black Panther, we couldn't let the weekend pass without sharing our nods for the Best Of in all things family!

Without further ado, here are Mothering's Best Of 'Oscars' in various categories!

Oscar For Best Pretend Play Game For Littles: Kids on Stage

This is an Oscar for role play

This fun, first charades game encourages social thinking, role-playing, creativity and imagination all while involving the whole family in fun at even the youngest ages Role playing helps children develop feelings like empathy, perspective, gratitude and Kids On Stage helps that be so much fun!

Oscar for Best Bouncer For Baby (To Grow!): Nuna Leaf Grow


This is not your typical 'bouncer' in the least! The soft, battery-less side-to-side sway soothes and comforts littles, with GOTS certified organic inserts, cotton and dyes...but better? The Nuna Leaf Grow actually does grow with your little one as they get bigger! Three positions make it a cozy comfy chair that can continue to give your toddler and big little kid sensory input and familiarity. Win-win for all those ages and stages!

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Oscar for Best New Brain Builder (as endorsed by Mensa!): Artie 3000

Artie is a great coder endorsed by MENSA

Introduced at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show, Artie 3000 is a new coding and drawing robot that has been endorsed by MENSA for brain-building fun for kids of all ages. Little coders can do basic drawing and designs and Artie offers growing coders the development of left-brain skills like geometry and math while interacting with and engaging their creative right-brain with artistic expression and colorful design! Artie gives STEAM a whole new definition!

Oscar for Best Montessori Based Blocks Sets: HABA

HABA blocks are Montessori endorsed

We love all things HABA really, particularly for Montessori play at it's finest. Solidly, safely and sustainably created, HABA ignites a little one's imagination and creativity with color and fascination. Whether it's the Zooing Around set for role play from toddler-age up, the Cat and Mouse Brain Builder Set or the fabulous Story Telling Blocks that will allow your children to create endless stories, HABA knows how to inspire brilliance!

Oscar For Best First Feeding Supplies: Haakaa Mushroom Bowl

The Haakaa Mushroom bowl set is a delight

We love the Haakaa line and your little one will love this lightweight, adorable bowl that acts as a great first feeder (silicone keeps it nice and secure to whatever base you're using) or a little carry-on snacker. Easy to clean and sustainable, you can feel super safe with these feeders!

Oscar For Best Outdoor Natural Treat: Little Snowie Ice Shaver

Little Snowie offers natural alternatives for sno-cones

How many times has your child asked for a 'sno-cone' and you cringe because the dyes make you see red, literally? That's why we LOVE Little Snowie, and particularly the natural line that doesn't have any dyes and lets your kiddos indulge in the fun that is 'sno-cone' making without giving them the junk dyes and flavoring! Patented for home use, your house will be the hit of the neighborhood!

Oscar For Best Beginner Family Cooperation Game: Karuba/Karuba Jr.

Karuba is a great cooperative game

Cooperative board games are all the rage, and with good reason; they involve the entire family in fun, cooperation and critical thinking. With a Junior version (for those littles up to eight-years-old) and a 'big kid+' version, your family will have tons of fun hunting for treasure together!

Oscar For Best Visual-Spatial Skills Builder: Gravitrax


This marble run is beyond awesome for the spatial reasoning and motor planning skills it involves, all in the name of your kids having a blast learning about and experimenting with magnetism, gravity and kinetics. A Toy of the Year finalist and with newly introduced expansion kits at the New York Toy Fair--we guarantee the whole family will have hours of innovating and inspiring fun!

Oscar For Best Way To Use Thinking Putty: ThinkFun Putty Puzzle

ThinkFun's Putty Puzzle is a blast!

If your house is like ours, and you have putty galore,! It's a logic puzzle that is sensory input and tons of fun, and puts to great use the putties that your kiddos love so much! There are 60 Challenge Cards and their solutions, and the levels of difficulty will increase as you and your family grow in your critical thinking and logic skills together!

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Oscar For Best Organic Crib Mattress: Naturepedic No Compromise

If you want organic, you'll want the Naturepedic crib

Someday, your baby may actually want to be in her crib. Much to my dismay, my little guy slept better and happier in his crib than with me (sigh--I missed him) and so I wanted to make sure it was a night full of non-toxic bedding. That's what you'll find in Naturepedic's No Compromise mattress, and they have a bedding line that's just as comfy and cozy!

Oscar For Best Critical Thinking Older Kid Board Game: Iquazu

Iquazu brings out critical thinking skills
It's hard to find game that engages our tweens/teens and fosters cooperative play and creativity at the same time it seems. In a world that wants our kids to grow up way too soon, we love this game that keeps them kids but still lets them dabble into the bigger world of cooperative games with their peers (and family members too!).

And of wouldn't be the Oscars if we didn't have a Best Picture! The Oscar goes to Cinemood!

Cinemood wins the best picture!

Cinemood is an amazing portable projector that lets your entire family (heck, neighborhood!) stream and watch family shows together, from pretty much anywhere, and is perfect for family movie night or fun sleepovers with buttery popcorn! It's lightweight and needs no computer connection, and your family will literally be the life of any party, Oscars included!