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Best Breast Pump Accessory!!

review by jacksmom329

I would recommend this Mother's Milk Mate Breast Milk storage system to every breastfeeding/pumping mom!  It has totally simplified the process for me!  It fits my Medela Pump In Style perfectly and I use the same (BPA-free - yay!) bottle to pump, store and then feed my baby.  No more transferring my milk between containers or plastic bags - both of which I've read deprive breast milk of nutrients.  Storage rack rocks!  I keep mine in freezer, but can put in fridge, too.  Like a soda can dispenser, so the first bottle I pump is the first one that rolls out the bottom when I'm ready to feed.  No more sorting through dated bags for freshest milk!  It's so easy and convenient!  Plus, with the cost of plastic storage bags, mine paid for itself in about 6 weeks!

Fits Medela (&Ameda) pumps. Use same bottle to pump, store & feed breast milk. Storage rack awesome - 1st bottle I pump is 1st to roll out to feed! None!


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Mother's Milk Mate Breast Milk Storage System

Mother's Milk Mate is an award-winning breast milk storage system recommended by lactation consultants. It is compatible with Medela, Ameda and most standard breast pumps. It allows moms to pump, store and feed using the same bottle, which is BPA-free. The proprietary First In- First Out storage rack ensures that the first bottle you pump is the first to roll out to feed baby. No more need for plastic bags, which rob your breast milk of precious nutrients your baby needs! The storage rack is compact and organizes your pumped milk neatly in your refrigerator or freezer. For more information, visit:


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