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Sorry I have to make this quick, but I just spotted this thread.
My name is Pam. I'm European-American and my wonderful son is African-American, and we're in the Portland area.
A cool Seattle resource (haven't been able to visit them yet), is the Mavin Foundation ( and groups linked to it that get together for potlucks and things.
I've heard that a group for families who have adopted African-American children was recently started in the Tacoma area - I spoke for a long time to help it get started, but I haven't heard back since so I don't know what they're up to, but you can reach the organizer through me if you're interested (I'll give her a day to say otherwise, then I'll post it here).
Lastly, we started a group here you would be more than welcome to join. If you're interested, you can email me for more info. We get together about every three months, with folks on the list from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Utah, try to give about a month's notice of when the next one will be, and we trade who hosts. It's called African-American Families Through Adoption. I'm also glad to talk by phone - that works best for me since I have almost no time to post or read posts, unfortunately.
Take care.
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