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I am new to SAHM. I have a 13 year old son. I am having a real hard time planning my days and actually getting anything done. I am embarrassed about this but can not seem to get motivated to get going. It is like the more time I have on my hands the less that I can done.

It is like I do not know what to do with all of my free time. Has this ever happened to anyone else and how did you break out of this?

Thanks for reading and I can not wait to here from others,
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the thing that helps me the most is taking a shower, getting dressed, and putting on make up every morning when i wake up. sometimes i don't get to the shower, but i get ready and leave the house every day as soon as possible after waking.
Honestly, I think about what a crappy time my SO is having at work and that motivates me to clean/cook/bake. I used to hate coming home to a messy house when I worked. I like to do something that makes him appreciate me being home so I can hopefully talk him into letting me SAH when my mat leave is over (He thinks kids do just fine in daycare
Before ds was born I'd get up, shower and get dressed in something that wasn't pajamas, and then write my to do list. That way I started out with a plan for the day.

I don't get the shower anymore, and my list mostly consists of dishes, dinner and tidy enough that it doesn't look like the apartment exploded, but I'm hoping to get back to the other stuff when ds is a little older

If there's anything that REALLY needs to get done that day, I do it first thing in the morning. When noon hits, I'm officially out of steam for the day, even if I haven't done anything yet.
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I find that if I just flat out *force* myself to get dressed, ready, and do somethingin the morning right away, the rest of the day goes better. Once you start something it's easier to keep going-and if that something its sitting on the couch, well, for me at least that tends to be how the rest of the day goes too.

I do think that having so much time can make it tough to motivate yourself to do something Now. Because there is always Later.

Also, try if you haven't. Works for a bunch of people.
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I am doing what has been suggested and so far it is working.

I am going to bed at a reasonable hour so I am getting up about 7:30am and getting into the shower within 30 minutes of waking. This gets me mentally ready to begin.

I also wrote a list of To Do's last night before bed and am getting those done.

I look forward to hearing more ideas. I have to remember baby steps.

Thanks for the suggestions,
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