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Mountain Mom--fireweed salve?

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Hi--it's me again w/yet more questions!

I am stopping at the used store today to look for Rosemary Gladstone's books. But, I'm wondering if you've ever made anything w/fireweed? Now that we're down to single income, I'm trying to be creative for all holiday gift giving.
So, I'm thinking of a "uniquely Alaskan gift." If I sunsoaked (just the herb in oil (in a jar) outside inthe sun for 2 weeks, right) some fireweed, would that provide any scent? Do you know of any herbal benefits of fireweed? If I added some clover? Do you suppose they sell the essential oil? Can't imagine that.

And, where would I find little jars; ie. do you know of a co. that sells them?

I'm just at the brainstorming stage now. Fireweed actually heralds the end of our summers; ie. summer is over when the fireweed tops out in Aug/Sept.

Thanks for any insights!!!
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Just found this thread! I will look up your questions and get back to you!
Oh hey, very cool! I couldn't figure one out, so I went w/Fireweed Jelly
But, I'm so open and interested still!

Oh, btw: I just planted some arnica, st. john's wort, Burdock, Echinacea and Green Tea in my garden. YEA
And, I can't wait to get some calendula!

It's really fun, isn't it. Thanks so much for your insights! I have the Family Herbal from the library. Now, if the kids would just give me more than a 5 minute break....
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HI there,

This is the information I found on Fireweed...hopefully my computer doesn't eat up this post...its been very temperamental this summer.

The young leaves of fireweed make good greens in salads and can also be cooked. The whole of the young plant can be cooked like asparagus before it gets woody. The petiole of the flower can be eaten and the flower buds and full flower add interest to a salad.

Some europeans used fireweed as an intestinal astringent in the form of a tea and as an anitspasmodic, demulcent and emmenagogue. It is also said to have good effects on diseased mucous membranes, colon troubles, cholera and dysentry by relieving pain. The natives of the americas used the the viens of the leaves for antiseptic qualities for sores and cuts. They also used this herb to heal burns, which is interesting because it heals the burn of the earth too.

A poultice or ointment(salve) made of the root can be used on skin inflammation, boils, ulcers and rashes.

The Blackfoot tribe used an infusion of the root and inner cortex as an enema for children to help them eliminate. The flowers were rubbed into the rawhide as a waterproofing. The powdered inner cortex was put on the hands and face to protect them from the cold.

I think it is great that you are planting all those herbs. The best way to learn of herbs is to see the growth cycle.

Online for jars and containers try At the checkout click on the mothering icon and mothering will get a portion of the sale.

They sell great quality good priced stuff!!

Hope that helps, take care!
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Hmmm...well, I'll have to rethink the salve idea
Interesting message I'd be sending along w/it. :LOL

Very cool about the containers. I'll look that up when I get going. I can't find anything here so that's cool and
about the MDC.


The flowers were rubbed into the rawhide as a waterproofing. The powdered inner cortex was put on the hands and face to protect them from the cold
Isn't this fascinating? I mean, the plant grows here where that's so necessary. Nowadays, I smear Aquaphor on my kids faces when we go out playing around 0' and back then, they used a natural alternative.
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