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My 3.5 year old dd has white ulcer type bump on her upper front gum which does not seem bother her at all. However when she was just turning 2 she had decay on her upper front teeth which were filled and have been fine since then. The dentist asked me to watch out for white spots on her gums which I did dilligently for more than a year with no sign of anything until just today when I noticed this bump. We just happened to be at her doctors for a check up when I noticed it so I asked the doctor about it. She suggested that I watch it but that it was most likely just a very large canker sore which would pop and go away. When I told her what the dentist had said to watch for, she didnt think this had anything to do with her previous dental work. Does anyone know what the dentist would be referring to by these white spots following dental work? What would this mean? Unfortuneatly we are leaving tomorrow for vacation for 10 days and I am unable to schedule a dentist appointment until we get back. I would love to know if anyone has had a similar experience and what came from it. I am hoping that our doctor was right in that it is just a large canker sore. If so, does anyone have ideas for dealing with cankers?
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