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Movement question...

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This is more of a "reassurance" sort of post...
I'm currently almost 25w with twins (mono/di), and from my last u/s, we saw that the twin on my left side was vertex and waaayyyy low in my pelvis (same way my DD was at our 20w u/s--she then stayed that way until birth), and the twin on my right side was breech and fairly high. The concern for me is that I hardly ever feel the left twin moving. I feel the right one fairly frequently, as the kicks are off to my right side or up by my ribs. But seriously, I think I maybe feel the left one only once or twice a day (more likely at night when lying down), and occassionally taps down near my cervix. Did any of you experience this?
At my last checkup two weeks ago, both heartrates are fine, and I have another u/s on Monday. My DD wasn't real active in utero, either, so I'm thinking this is just the sort of babies I have, but it's worrisome nonetheless!
Thanks for any input!
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My twins weren't nearly as active as I thought they would be. And I too had one that I seemed to feel move less often then the other...that was also my lower baby. I guessed that it had to be the position she was in so I wasn't able to feel her as well. The movement really slowed down the bigger they got because they just ran out of room.
My babes were much like you describe. One chorion, two amnions, one WAY low and vertex on the left side, and the other breech and up high... only I could feel the vertex low on kicking all the time, and almost nothing from the breech higher twin. Even with my best poking and prodding and juice drinking, I could only rarely feel subtle movements at home from the babe who is now Olivia. Toward the end, I even went in to have the check the heartbeats twice because I couldn't feel Olivia moving for a while day... but at heartbeat check, every ultrasound, and every NST, she was fine... and now as a VERY active nearly 10 month old, who is crawling, kicking, and laughing all the time, it's almost hard to remember that my worry about her was how little she moved.

I remember being surprised that she was so active during ultrasounds... I think the strange positioning, location of the feet, etc., must have determined just what I felt (and didn't feel).

Good luck, hang in there, and congrats on your babes.
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just wanted to share my experience as well:
I also had my low down baby "A" move less. They probably get squished more or something... I know that "B" was kicking everywhere, we even saw him kicking "A" in the head once during an ultrasound! Its definitely good to check things out though if you have concerns. I found that laying on my left side was when I could feel him the most, but it was probably because I was squishing his legs! I could also feel him kicking or punching, or with his head WAY DOWN LOW that gave me a weird shock type feeling once in a while. It is hard when they tell you to sit down and make sure you can feel your baby(ies) all the time, there were certainly days when I didn't feel like I had felt "A" much at all, but then again they share some space and it could be a leg or arm sticking out to where you think its the other one.
I feel one more than the other too. I am 28 weeks and the boy is down low and the girl is up high. For a long time I hardly felt the girl move but felt the boy alot. In the last week or two, I feel the girl (up high) much more than the boy. They have both been active on sono, so I think it is just positioning too. I still worry too though
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I also felt one much less than the other and they were much calmer in there than my singleton had been. Try not to worry too much, I know it's hard not to though
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I felt my left baby (vertex) WAY more than my right baby (breech). I would kind of worry but his heartrate was always good. Especially the last few weeks of pregnancy, my left baby jumped around moved a ton but I barely even noticed the other baby move. I think positioning of the placentas have some to do with it.
I had one that was a wild monkey in utero and the other was a bump on log that rarely moved except to nestle further up into my ribs to constrict my breathing.

At the end, I was going for rather frequent stress tests and he WOULD NOT move. I would drink juice or eat something - nothing. Buzz the buzzer near him - nothing. One day they were so concerned they did an ultrasound just to check up on him - and he was totally fine.

It's hard not to worry, but if everything is going fine . . . then everything is fine.
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Thank you all for your reassurances! Just had another u/s on Monday and both are doing great--and, as for their positions, they are much bigger and more spread out than I thought! The one on my left is head down, but it's legs are bent and poking out near my right ribs. The one on my right is sorta transverse, with its head to my right (near ribs, too) and legs bending downwards. So, what I thought was just one baby kicking on the right was probably a combo of both. They were both beating up on each other like wild animals during the u/s, too, which was pretty funny to witness-- I just hope noone comes out with bruises!
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